Lauren Lee is one of the new breed of singer songwriter. She has all the bonafides of a traditional jazz singer and pianist, but she needs to do things her own way.  As a singer and composer, she gives her own imprimatur to cross-cultural experimentation, off -the-beaten-track forms of vocal expression, never straying far from the post-bop mothership.

                                                                                               - Suzanne Lorge, All About Jazz

Lee- in her voice and at the keyboard- is, in a very balanced way, presenting a unique approach, but one grounded enough to support the contrasting moods and musics, which really is what makes 'Windowsill' so engrossing

                                                                                              - Anthony Dean-Harris, Downbeat

What is most exciting about the record, I think, is how Lee uses the voice..... the whole thing is comfortable and delicious (translated from Dutch)

                                                                                              - Jan Granlie,

Lauren Lee is a talented pianist and composer, and a singer with a flexibility and sense of adventure in her voice which give her music a light, optimistic feel, although repeated listening reveals it has surprising depth and complexity. She brings elements of art song into the realm of pop-jazz as if she were Meredith Monk invading a Steely Dan recording session

                                                                                                - Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz


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