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Direct To Vinyl Recording Session!

Hi Friends,

I will be recording some audio postcards of sorts of two cover songs in February in collaboration with Leesta Vall. These are one of a kind vinyl recordings and while I'm offering only two song options, none of the recordings will be duplicated so the copy you order is the only one like it!

I wanted to choose songs that were known enough outside the jazz idiom but could still serve as vehicles for organic improvisation and stretching out on both instruments, so I will be offering an arrangement I've written of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and a mostly improvised arrangement of "Smile (With Mars at the End)" by Laura Nyro.

When I polled Facebook regarding cover songs, I got an overwhelming number of requests to cover Laura Nyro.

If you are interested in ordering your VERY OWN PERSONALIZED record of one of these tunes, please PREORDER HERE as we are recording and pressing these to order

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